It’s time for What Are You Reading? This week I am pleased to welcome a fellow OCC chapter-mate TL Rossati as she shares what she has been reading. 

imageHi! Thanks for joining me. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Hi, Christina. I write paranormal, contemporary and erotic romance. I have four series in the works: paranormal series, a contemporary military series, an erotic novella series and I am currently working on a contemporary trilogy titled Phoenix. I have no release dates yet, as the books in first three series are either being edited or beta read and my current work in progress is book one of Phoenix.

Okay, now on to the good stuff! 

1) Tell us what you’re reading this week.
I just read Elizabeth Hoyt’s Lord of Darkness, book five in the Maiden Lane Series, and it’s a Historical Romance book.

2) Why did you choose this particular book?
One of my brilliant writing partners has been telling me to read this particular book for months now. As she writes Regency Historical and I will read anything, in any genre, with a dark edge, she thought I would enjoy this book. She was absolutely 100 percent correct as usual. I finished it in about five and a half hours. I couldn’t put it down. I haven’t read historicals in years, so this was a welcomed change for me.

3) Tell us a little about it. Remember…NO spoilers!
In a nutshell, it’s about two people who have both loved deeply before and due to a marriage of convenience, which neither were particularly happy with initially, they come to find that second chances are possible. That is as vague as I can be without waxing poetic about this book and spoiling it for future readers.  

4) What are you enjoying about it so far?
As I mentioned above, I haven’t read historical in years. I’m a imageparanormal/contemporary erotic romance writer who tends to write pretty dark, both sexually and story wise. I felt like I outgrew historicals. My writing partner convinced me with her own writing that I have NOT outgrown historicals and then she told me about Lord of Darkness. There’s a dark edge to this book which I enjoyed. The hero is endearing and strong with sort of a dark side that drew me in immediately. The heroine is equally a strong character and I love strong female characters. It was different from any historical I’ve read in the past.

5) Is this an author you’ve read before?

6) What made you choose this author and book?
If I didn’t read this particular book by this particular author I was afraid my writing partner would disown me and I can’t have that. I promised her I’d give it a shot and she was spot on. I adored it.

7) What do you like about their work?
For me, it was the dark edge in the storyline and I loved the hero and heroine instantly. Best opening of a book I’ve ever read. It had me hooked from the first sentence.  

8) Would you read them again?
Let’s just say, the second I finished the book, I called my critique partner and while on the phone with her ordered the entire series. So, yes, yes I would, as soon as Amazon delivers all of Maiden Lane to my doorstep I will be reading Ms. Hoyt again ASAP!

9) Would you recommend this book and author to others?
Without question. In a heartbeat.

10) Where can we find out more about you and what you write?
I am working on getting a webpage set up, but I do have a Facebook profile and author page. I post most from my Facebook author page and I am always on Twitter and Pinterest. I’m still working on my Instagram skills. Stop by any of my sites for a visit if you’d like. I enjoy meeting and talking with new people 🙂   Email ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Instagram ~ Pinterest

Wonderful! Can’t wait to see you online. Thanks again for stopping by!
Thank you, Christina!


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