Two strangers navigate a marriage of convenience while trying to overcome scandals from the past.

A woman with a secret…
In order to save himself, Delaney Townsend’s father has arranged her marriage to the son of an associate, despite the man’s vicious nature; something Delaney is only too familiar with. Desperate to escape her fate, she makes her way to the Duke of Claremont’s London residence in the dead of night with an offer of marriage.

A man with a title…
Following the untimely deaths of his cousin and uncle, land steward Graeme Attwood finds himself the new Duke of Claremont — a position he does not want. Pressured to uphold the honor of the title, Graeme finds himself pushed him into the unfamiliar world of London society, a role for which he is ill-prepared.

A marriage put to the test…
Graeme accepts Delaney’s unorthodox proposal in exchange for her guidance through society. Soon, what began as a marriage of convenience has the Reluctant Duke and the Society Miss the talk of the ton. But secrets don’t stay hidden for long. When a threat from her past comes in the guise of a trusted friend, Delaney will do all she can to protect her fragile marriage — even if it means keeping secrets from the one person who can protect her — and Graeme is left wondering if he can earn the trust of his wife before it is too late. 


For over a year I participated in Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday. The challenge was to post only eight to ten sentences of a work in progress. It was definitely a challenge and took me a little over a year to post three complete scenes. I like to think of them as the “Reader’s Digest” version of my story. Sadly, I’m not sure if any of these snippets will remain in the final version of Seduction.

Evening Preparations
An Evening At the Theatre
A Prelude To A Kiss
Meeting the Family