Author Interviews at the Speed of Life


Just like a real speed date, participants will be asked a random assortment of questions. The Dates will then be posted each Sunday in order for readers to get to know their favorite authors better, and a chance to meet someone new.

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The Authors

I have a list of over 100 questions covering everything to writing advice, to what inspires you, to a random hodge-podge of silliness. Speed Date participants will be given a short list of questions to answer. What makes Sunday Speed Dates unique is that no two participants will ever get the same set of questions. Some may overlap — eventually — but I’m hoping to avoid that, which is why the list of questions is ever expanding. 🙂


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Want To Go On A Date?

That’s it! If you know any other authors who would like to participate (published or not), feel free to let them know about the Sunday Speed Dates and to contact me here, on facebook or by email


NOTE!  Dates are booked through January! If you have a release coming up in the new year, let me know and we can schedule your Date!