The Reluctant Lords is my debut series. I will be pitching book #1 at the 2016 Romance Writers of America National Conference in San Diego.

Four friends, content with their lot in life, unexpectedly find themselves holding titles they were never meant to have. Now, thrust into the realm of the haute ton, they are left struggling to find their way in society, and only the help and love from the right woman can see them through.


The Seduction of the Duke
Two strangers navigate a marriage of convenience while trying to overcome scandals of the past.
The Winning of the Rogue
The Season’s most eligible bachelor is forced to collect a debt from the Season’s biggest wallflower.
The Saving of the Soldier
A battle-scarred soldier returns home from war to find the only one who can help manage his estate is the sister of his fallen friend.
The Claiming of the Earl
A secret life and a secret wife come head to head when a second son inherits a title.