If there is one thing I love more than writing, it is taking pictures. I inherited that from my mother who has been torturing Dearest Sister and I by dressing us in fancy clothes and posing us in odd places ever since we were wee little bebbies. There was this one time I was made to sit in a Cabbage Patch Kid box surrounded by actual Cabbage Patch Kids. I still have nightmares…

It was around that time that I decided it was much more fun to be on the other side of the camera, and thus my love of picture taking began. And now that Instagram is here, I can take pictures, adjust, filter and manipulate them to my hearts content without the worry of caustic chemicals. It’s the ideal arrangement.

So when the wonderful Sarah Vance-Tompkins shared a little meme on Facebook the other day, I got excited. Who am I kidding,  I got really excited about it. A daily challenge for authors to share stuff on Instagram…how could I resist?

For more details on each picture, head over to my Instagram.